The 10th Smart Operations event, in its second year in Singapore, is about exploiting digitalisation to make business choices in shipping operations. 

It was practical, interactive event forum creating new knowledge on how to exploit the changes and future developments in digitalisation for better maritime business operations.


What did it offer?

  • Crucial insight for optimising operations
  • Strategic leadership intelligence for future planning
  • Practical knowledge to exploit shipping digitalisation for best gains
  • Interesting and engaging format involving the audience
  • Hard-hitting high level speakers
  • Turn challenges to opportunity, opportunity to improved bottom line

Learn: What are the key digital platforms for leveraging advantage in shipping operation; how to maximise crew as an asset not a cost; how smart is spreading to port operations and what this means for shipping; how to create competitive advantage through smart strategies in shipping

The digitalisation of shipping is ever changing. Stay on top and stay ahead.

Smart Operations Singapore brought in experts in a series of focused one hour debates to examine what is currently happening as it transitions to a more enabled, connected, smarter industry.

Drinks and Celebrations at the Smart Ship Awards.

* Image from the Nor-Shipping Disruptive Talks, developed and created by Fathom Maritime Intelligence